To say that the first victim of any given war would be the truth could not be more wrong.

First of all people do not tell the truth all of the time during times of peace. Second the first victim of a war is always humanity. And humanity dies with the first human being being harmed or killed within the proceedings of a conflict heating up.

This is when the lies come into play: either side will claim that doing such harm was absolutly necessary (for whatever reason) or unjustified (for whatever reason). There are always “reasons”. However, ¬†from that point in time onwards neither will be in a position to make a clear distinction between who is wrong and who is right and when.

Anyway. Over the past months and years numerous reports concerning Syria in general and Aleppo on particular have been issued by countless media outlets, eyewitnesses and politicians as well as NGOs. Who tells the truth? Who provides valid information? What is the truth and what is valid?

What we do know however is that there has been a massive conflict raging across Syria for more than 5 years. Although we do not know as to which side (and how many sides there are) is responsible for whatever incident, we certainly know that countless people have been killed, injured and harmed. We also know that millions have fled their country to seek shelter in neighboring countries and across the globe. We know that there are numerous versions of “truth” surrounding the incidents in Syria. Which comes closest to reality is next to impossible to determine. Instead of working on a solution based on robust and confirmed and accepted information we run in circles to blame any given side for all the attrocities happened and continue to happen while real people really suffer and eventually die.

If you want to see the world without makeup, look at Aleppo. Look at Syria. Look at Twitter and Facebook. Look at politics. Pathetic!